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The Lessons of Life,
As Dogs Would Write Them
Dogs seem to be happy all the time, with no worries, no cares, living every day to the fullest.
How do they do this? Dogs themselves give us their 10 Commandments: The Lessons of Life.

Unlike other negative ‘rules’ that are often thrown at us (“Don’t do that!”) this book of lessons
is appealingly positive. Filled with quotes and examples from everyday life,
The Canine
plainly shows how we can all benefit from the wisdom of dogs. These
memorable lessons provide a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to living a happier and
more fulfilling life.

Print copies make a great gift for a dog lover, and all proceeds are donated to help and save dogs.
Highly recommended as an inspirational gift, especially for dog owners but sure to
add a ray of cheer for anyone with fond memories of a beloved four-footed friend.
                                                                        --The Midwest Book Review
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