This is much more than just a 'dog' book.  I got one as a gift and after reading it (in one sitting)
I ordered 5 copies to give as gifts.  Everyone I have the book to simply loved it, including the
three people that did not have dogs.  If you like books that make you feel good about life
(without being sappy) you will really enjoy this book.  If you also like dogs you will probably
love it!
                                                      ---Abel (Amazon reader)
Reader Testimonials and Reviews
The Canine Commandments
My son and daughter-in-law gave me a copy of your wonderful book and I want to buy 5
to be used as stocking stuffers as well as spur of the moment gifts.  What a wonderful
creation you have in your book!  It makes me happy.
                                                      --- Lee, from Virginia
This is a terrific book -- we really have a lot to learn from our dogs.  W. R. Pursche has
written a very heart-warming book here, as well as one we can all benefit from!
                                                      --- Chip, from New Jersey
I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I was a dog trainer and after
reading your book, it made m e miss the fun I had doing it.  Your book inspired me to go
back into teaching.
                                                      --- Terri
Although it will resonate especially strongly for pet lovers, Lessons to Live By: The Canine
is a self-help book intended for readers of all backgrounds, regardless of
pet ownership, that draws upon what humans can learn from their canine companions.
Timeless wisdom, from the importance of living for the moment to loyalty to the treasure that
is friendship and the power of everlasting faith and more - all these are virtues embodied
within man's best friend, of which man (and woman) should take heed. "The next time you
are with a group of people, count how often their 'conversation' is really nothing more than
telling other people how they should behave. 'Don't do that!' 'Put on a sweater, it's cold.'
'Change the station.' Sometimes what passes for conversation is nothing more than a subtle -
or not so subtle - series of comments trying to get each other to change - to do what they
want, to be like them... Dogs just accept others for what they are, and love them as they
are." 100% of the net proceeds of Lessons to Live By: The Canine Commandments will be
used for the saving and care of dogs and other animals through the efforts of humane
organizations. Highly recommended as an inspirational gift, especially for dog owners but
sure to add a ray of cheer for anyone with fond memories of a beloved four-footed friend.
                                                     --- The Midwest Book Review
This is a great book. I picked it up because I'm a dog lover, but the book is really so much
more than that. Written in a simple and straightforward way, the author makes some very
insightful points about life. Life is about making the most of each day and treasuring the people
we love. I found it very uplifting and motivating. Who knew you could learn so much from
                                                          --- Amazon reviewer